The living matrix is our ongoing research archive. Compiling past, contemporary and future artifacts in 2D-space. You can submit new content by clicking somewhere on the matrix and filling out the form.


HSDF Matrix

The HSDF matrix is one of the two tools we designed for our design practice. It is a spatial coordinate system that can change its axis labels—randomly retrieving terms from a Google spreadsheet, which can be extended in collaborative processes. The matrix is an impulse and association generator for a story, a scenario, or even objects—for a fictional thinking and creation process. 
The tool helps us to build up and discuss a scenario, finding situations in it, which we then narrow down in the process to an object that manifests itself from the scenario.  

The Questionnaire

Integrated in the matrix is a question catalogue, which randomly displays a new question if you want it to. The questions are based on the world building techniques of fictional literature, they give new impulses  in the process and can expand or narrow down the new world situation under consideration. The Questionnaire is also based on a Google spreadsheet that can be expanded at any time in a participatory way.


The FAAS Machine (Future As A Service Machine) is an association tool that can be used more intuitively in the working process towards a scenario and an object. The machine is based on the concept of a gambling slot machine, and exists of five slots that form a whole sentence (randomly). 
Behind the machine,  is a Google spreadsheet in which the individual words and sentence components for the slots are entered. This can be edited and extended by us at any time. At the moment, a total of 260 sentence fragments are included to build 516,542,832 possible sentences. 
The FAAS Machine can present a completed description, title, or extension for a project or a thought. If sections of a scenario in a design process are already sketched, FAAS can also help to make the scenario more precise or even find a new focus within the scenario.