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In the contemporary politics context, the concepts of "post-truth" and "post-factual politics" have emerged from politicians mixing actual facts with false information or emotional statements. To a point where real and fictional stories Became indistinguishable to citizens. Journalist Adam curtis picked up on this phenomenon in his documentary "Hyper Normalization" (BBC, 2016), which explores the use of theater-based fictional practice in political contexts in Russia and the United States. The Art and Design Collective Metahaven has suggested that we might be moving Toward a "Truth Futhurism" in which Different Versions of History and Reality Are Made Visible Through Communication Interfaces. Against the Model of a Single Reality, They Present Ways in which the Past is "Post-Produced" and fiction and fact are interwoven.

What is the radical potential of fiction as practice and how can designer use their tools to provide important impulses? We design other Worlds, Remix History and Its Artifacts, Expose Parallel Dimensions, and Model Oddities in Alternates Realities.