The living matrix is our ongoing research archive. Compiling past, contemporary and future artifacts in 2D-space. You can submit new content by clicking somewhere on the matrix and filling out the form.


You wake up - stranded in a flickering world. Realities pulse in and out, overlapping, translucent, neither convincingly real nor entirely virtual. To survive in this liminal space, your only hope is to create new meaning for yourself and for others.

Each point takes one to another point, in circles, with dead ends to new places, to unexpected places. Connected with flowing traces of ideas in different directions.
Not a historical linear order, but segments, territories and connections. From the outside a closed system and yet every branching off is left to chance. Movement and flux is more important than stability and eternity. The rhizome has no archetypal structure, but we can still map the rhizome. Whereby, the map itself does not correspond to the actual rhizome, since it can only be recorded oriented to the mappers. Thus, our map is always also a subjective narrative of the possible future.
For us, our map - in the form of a matrix - is a tool to expand our possibility space, to visualize it and to be able to explore it. The map is not an end in itself, but rather serves to develop our (Möglichkeitssinn) sense of possibility. We see this sense of possibility as a skill that needs to be unlearned and relearned, and hope that our subsequent work provides an approach to thinking about the future in a fantastic way.
"[...] for after all, promoting a new aesthetic paradigm involves overthrowing current forms of art as much as those of social life! I hold out my hand to the future."